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Person choosing the right CRM software for their company.

The Best ? Moving Company Software for 2024

Looking for the best way to bring in more customers, improve your process and keep track of contracts, inventories and other reports without using stacks and stacks of paper? Then you might be in need of moving company software. From mobile quoting apps that let you see photos and videos of potential customer homes, to reports and analyses that help you make informed business decisions, these programs are designed to make your life as a business owner easier.

Why Use Moving Software?

Most moving companies either use a bunch of different online tools for their business or still have a combination of web-based tools and real paper files. Unfortunately, keeping track of all that data can be a challenge, which hinders your business efforts, and can increase the chances of mistakes and unsatisfied customers. Using a comprehensive CRM lets you view all the parts of your business in one spot, giving you both a big-picture view of your success, and the ability to make sure each customer feels personally valued.

The Benefits of Moving Company Software

  1. Store all your data in one place. A CRM lets you bring all your data under one digital “roof,” making it easier to keep track of both customer and internal company information.
  2. Manage your moving process. Whether it’s assigning teams, tracking team performance, or controlling intrateam communications, the right software can make it easy to keep all your employees on the same page.
  3. Reach new customers. Many software options for movers include apps for email marketing, which can help you generate, manage and close on new leads.
  4. Make informed decisions. Moving company software takes all the data that you collect and enables you to create a variety of custom reports to help you refine and optimize your process for increased revenue. Instead of having to gather metrics from a bunch of different applications, the automated reports give you a snapshot that can help your company excel.

Of course, with so many software options available, it can be tough to find the right one for your company. Buying the wrong software can be costly, especially as some dashboards have a steeper learning curve than others. As you read, think about your business’s size and budget, how tech-savvy your team is, and if you have any existing software that you’ll need to integrate into your CRM. With that in mind, here are our favorite moving industry software options for 2019!


Here Is Our List of the Top Moving Company Software

(in no particular order)

#1. SmartMoving Software

SmartMoving is based in texas, and offers powerful moving company software across a range of sales and process needs. The a web-based technology helps with everything from getting you more moving leads through email marketing, to tracking your marketing efforts and providing paperless contracts for easy customer and file management.


Address: 1920 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone Number: (214) 960 4130

#2. Supermove

Supermove is an all-in-one software for moving companies. Sell more moves, easily manage jobs and people, and stop wasting time on endless paperwork. Hundreds of business owners trust Supermove to digitize their moving business, and help them save time, revenue, and scale their business with super easy to use office, estimator, and crew apps.


Address: 548 Market St, Suite 18007, San Francisco, California 94104

Phone Number: (415) 991-1969

#3. Elromco

Elromco offers cloud-based software for movers who need an efficient, user-friendly way to manage everything from booking to payroll. It also includes automated and custom reporting options, so you can better understand your customer needs, and plan for the future.


Address: 500 Turnpike St, Canton, MA 02021

Phone Number: (800) 270-7960

#4. MoversTech CRM

MoversTech CRM is an all-in-one solution for moving companies. It’s created by industry specialists and covers all functionalities from lead management to e-signatures and numerous automations, all for a competitive price starting at $99. It is especially recognizable for its high level of customization and its clean and easy-to-use interface.


Address: 344 E 49th St #3C, New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone: 866-664-0112

#5. MoverBase

One benefit of MoverBase is a free account level, which lets you get familiar with the platform before upgrading, as well as free training on how to use the platform, and free support when you need it. Plus, MoverBase offers easy integration with several popular business tools, including Google Calendars, PayPal and Facebook, and Zapier, through which you can connect to over 400 more applications.


Address: 399 Market St Suite 360, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone Number: (888) 938-5054

#6. Movegistics CRM

Created by Netensity, Movegistics CRM is another fantastic piece of mover software, featuring “quote-to-cash” tools that help you at every step of the sales process. Movegistics can also help with lead generation, using personalized, automatic responses to leads from your website and 3rd-party lead providers.


Address: 3310 Giovanni Way, Dublin CA 94568

Phone Number: 855-222-8488

#7. MoveitPro Software

This software is made with both moving and storage company needs in mind, and it’s claim to fame is that it was created “by movers for movers.” Unlike the other software for moving companies, this technology was developed by a team with 50 years of moving experience, and specifically designed to meet your needs, help you find more leads, and create a streamlined, efficient moving process.


Address: 1101 W Kennedy Blvd, Orlando, FL 32810

Phone Number: (866) 435-8865

#8. MovingPro

MovingPro is software for moving companies that are small to medium in size. It’s designed to let you run your moving company operations from start to finish in one place, with automated processes for lead generation, an easy dashboard for managing each customer, and even tracking for employee hours and payroll. There’s also a 14 day free trial, so you can try before you buy.


Contact:  [email protected]

#9. NetMove

As an enterprise-level moving CRM application, this moving company software is more expensive than others on this list, but it also comes with a ton of great features, and highly rated customer service. The mobile app integrates with several van line management systems, and lets you assign drivers, manage your inventory and communicate with employees through one streamlined platform.


Address: 8625 Monticello Ln N #311, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Phone Number: 952-715-1163

#10. Online Moving Software Pro

Produced by Granot, a technology company in Miami, Florida, this popular software for movers starts at just $99/month, with several packages to choose from as the monthly price increases to $400/month for the “Supreme Package.” Different features allow you control the operations of your moving business, including sales, inventory, employee and customer management.


Address: 4045 Sheridan Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone Number: (305) 514-0620

#11. CompuMove

CompuMove is full integrated customer management software created specifically for the moving industry.  The end-to-end design includes functionality for managing your team, scheduling and dispatch, payroll, client-facing emails, financial accounting and reports for every step of your process.


Address: 3021, 3138 Roosevelt St # I, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone Number: (760) 434-4101

#12. Vonigo

While Vonigo wasn’t specifically developed for movers, this software has plenty of features that companies in the moving industry will find useful. An all-in-one business platform, Vonigo includes customer tracking, scheduling, quoting invoicing and reporting capabilities, and can integrate with Google Ads to help you increase conversions, leads and revenue.


Address: 333 Seymour St #1100, Vancouver, BC V6B 5A6, Canada

Phone Number: +1 855-820-8001

#13. ViewMAC

ViewMAC is a business development software created by the team at CollectiveView. The program is designed to help you take control of and easily manage both your employee’s physical location, as well as inventory. The system also lets you color code, and includes a wizard to help guide you through using each tool.


Address: Wells Fargo Building, 3333 S Bannock St, Englewood, CO 80110

Phone Number: 303-268-3800

#14. SurveyBot

SurveyBot is a unique piece of software for movers, because it helps you perform quick and easy moving estimates via a video platform! Customers take a video of their space and belongings, and upload it to the platform so you can provide an accurate estimate quickly. You can also use 2-way video calling to speak directly with potential customers about their needs!


Address: 49 Missouri St APT 7, San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone Number: (844) 840-0268

#15. eMoverSoftware

The creators of eMoverSoftware have been working with moving businesses for over 20 years, and developed their CRM specifically to help movers gain save time and get more leads. Integrate with Google calendar for easy scheduling, manage your support team, make estimates on the go and even handle international moves with this highly rated software.


Address: 340 E 93rd St, New York, NY 10128

Phone Number: (212) 537-6759

#16. MoveNinja

MoveNinja has software for moving companies at 3 different price points, from $99/month to $399/month depending on your needs. Features include sales management, invoicing and payments, tools for managing your support staff, and more! Each price point includes all the same features, but the price rises depending on how many users you need to have access to the platform.


Address: 1220 N Market Street STE 806 Wilmington, DE 18901

Phone Number: 866-960-9612

#17. eMove/estyMove

Want to get more leads and provide fast and accurate moving estimates? EstyMove is a moving industry software platform that let’s you connect with potential customers and see their inventory, so you can make estimates that convert leads to customers. You’ll also be able to manage your resource allocation to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their move.


Address: Municipiul Cluj Napoca, Strada Sobarilor, nr 38A, corp 7, Scara A, etaj 5, Cluj-Napoca 400270, Romania

Phone Number: +40 728 787 372

#18. MovePoint

MovePoint features a web-based application that makes this mover software perfect for any business, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. The customer management feature makes it easy to track customers and store files & data securely, while online quoting means you can even provide a quote straight from your smartphone!


Address: 7455 Alta View Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43085

Phone Number: (866) 738-3187

#19. MovePro

This software for movers comes from the company Move4U. Like SurveyBot, MovePro offers a simple way to streamline your quoting process by allowing customers to input and upload their inventory. There’s even an app where customers can take photos of their home and belongings, so you know exactly what you’ll be dealing with on moving day.


Address: Parmentierplein 20, 3088 GN Rotterdam, Netherlands

Phone Number: +31 (85) 760 4 760

#20. Moveware

Moveware is software for moving and storage companies that covers every part of managing your business. It combines sales management and lead generation with move planning, employee allocation and accounting for a one-stop solution you can rely on. Moveware also offers 24/7 customer service and support, so you can easily get answers to your software questions.


Address: 3340 Mainway #200, Burlington, ON L7M 1K9, Canada

Phone Number: +1 888 858 1345

#21. Mover System

Because Mover System is a web-based software, it can be used from anywhere, on any device, making this moving industry solution a great option for movers on the go. In addition to a sophisticated CRM system, Mover System offers multiple reports and analyses to help you optimize your resource allocation, marketing efforts and operations processes.


Phone Number: 844-808-8444


We hope this guide has helped you better understand the benefits of moving company software, and has given you a headstart into finding the right software for your company. When evaluating different pieces of software, be sure to take into account your team size, budget, and any essential tools you’ll need to integrate. Also remember that a good CRM is just one part of an effective growth strategy. You’ll want to take advantage of other online tools as well, like increasing your visibility through SEO and PPC services, developing an amazing website, and using Google’s Webmaster Tools as a guide towards success.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below to tell us which mover software is your favorite!


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