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Moving Company Keywords

Keyword Considerations

Choosing the correct keywords and keyword phrases for your moving company is vital. Even more important is ranking on the first page for those keywords.Most moving and storage company owners get confused and overloaded just thinking about this. Where do you start? How do you do this? What is the process?

Perhaps you see other moving companies ranking higher for moving company keywords and you want to do the same.

It’t time to work with a professional company that can do this for you.

Search Volume

This is the monthly Google keyword search volume for a particular keyword. More is always better.

Keyword Difficulty

Shows you how difficult it would be to outrank your competitors. A lower number is better.

CPC – Cost per Click

Average cost per click if we advertise this keyword. A higher number means more expensive and usually more valuable keyword


KeywordSearch VolumeKeyword Difficulty IndexCPCCompetition
moving companies110,00066.9021.620.90
moving company18,10063.8921.480.89
long distance moving companies9,90061.4424.380.88
moving and storage companies9,90061.8116.560.71
moving services990066.4215.100.79
moving companies atlanta8,10061.1618.460.81
moving companies near me6,60068.7120.970.92
local moving companies4,40062.7520.090.88
cross country moving companies4,40069.2126.050.79
moving and storage service440058.5514.880.12
cheap moving companies3,60063.0915.810.93
moving services near me36000.0013.760.84
moving companies nj2,90062.1618.030.58
moving companies chicago2,90058.4517.260.79
moving companies nyc2,90063.8924.600.87
best moving companies2,90079.4219.010.85
interstate moving companies2,40063.5322.700.80
national moving companies2,40069.5019.470.84
best long distance moving companies2,40073.9224.400.88
moving companies denver1,90059.1919.490.79
commercial moving company1,90046.2327.910.22
international moving companies1,90059.9417.640.75
moving companies prices1,60067.2317.630.91
moving truck companies1,60072.448.910.84
moving company reviews1,60077.239.540.82
moving companies dallas1,60060.2820.730.78
moving companies charlotte nc1,60061.1618.860.80
moving company quotes1,60066.8619.210.84
moving companies austin1,30056.3521.930.79
moving companies san diego1,30059.1017.360.76
nyc moving companies1,30063.8926.450.67
moving companies houston1,30073.9417.180.84
moving companies los angeles1,30060.3624.860.83
moving companies austin tx1,00060.2424.840.83
chicago moving companies1,00058.3425.680.83
moving companies miami1,00059.1823.100.89
moving companies phoenix1,00057.8819.690.73
moving company nyc1,00062.4124.460.86
long distance moving company1,00061.8725.430.84
moving companies reviews1,00070.5415.440.83
united moving company1,00063.428.590.87
moving companies boston1,00060.8830.650.89
mayflower moving company1,00075.089.380.87
professional moving service88054.3022.480.55
corporate moving service88050.6418.220.06
petes moving services88075.4112.620.71
moving service cost88073.3210.950.82
moving services bay area88055.5710.710.70
rv moving service88050.628.920.94
move at&t service88085.888.170.26
pool table moving service88053.767.650.88
little rock moving companies88058.8617.280.37
richmond moving companies88062.0924.670.45
long distance moving companies prices88070.3624.740.97
packing companies for moving88061.829.960.95
moving company logo88067.5815.720.46
car moving companies88067.5610.390.88
moving companies in houston tx88071.4923.400.67
how much do moving companies cost88074.7710.080.93
moving company new york88063.4117.680.43
long distance moving companies reviews88081.2217.790.81
local moving company88059.6118.730.61
moving companies tulsa88057.1321.420.79
moving storage company88058.4619.260.32
moving companies virginia beach va88054.3715.750.58
consumer reports moving companies88080.2917.170.90
moving companies cheap88070.6315.860.90
ny moving companies88064.9421.520.43
moving company los angeles88059.8023.490.80
american moving company88046.3611.240.83
van lines moving company88055.7214.870.58
global moving company88060.7921.190.93
arizona moving companies88063.4817.660.80
moving companies winston salem nc88059.4017.400.52
cross country moving companies reviews88080.4813.020.99
small moving companies88058.1618.220.80
local moving and storage companies88054.8619.390.85
moving companies in the bronx88062.9120.720.82
safe moving company88044.7114.530.87
charleston moving companies88062.1718.320.46
moving company prices88070.3517.370.91
moving companies milwaukee88061.259.960.75
indianapolis moving companies88059.8610.530.45
ct moving companies88057.5119.470.91
moving companies in ct88058.7321.080.86
king moving company88067.8516.030.73
moving companies lafayette la88058.3510.750.68
lucas brothers moving company88086.250.000.06
moving companies columbia sc88060.5317.390.55
kansas city moving companies88060.1717.220.58
moving companies tampa fl88061.8015.280.59
moving companies in orange county88051.8220.730.86
moving truck rental companies88075.866.480.87
moving companies va88057.0216.210.76
moving companies ct88059.2818.630.84
new orleans moving companies88054.168.720.41
san francisco moving company88058.6817.780.69
moving companies redding ca88055.1714.490.80
chapel hill moving company88064.0110.860.67
moving companies tampa88065.5220.940.88