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Pay Per Click – AdWords – Google Ads

If SEO is like working out each day, AdWords or soon to be named Google Ads is like a daily cup of coffee. The day starts, you pay for and get your jolt of caffeine, get the clicks and leads, and next day if you want leads, you pay again.  There is no cumulative effect, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, it’s just different.
  • The world’s largest most complex marketplace – it’s an auction
  • You can pinpoint like a laser with an on/off switch
  • Over 90% of Google’s revenue is from AdWords, $80B per year
  • Top 3 ad spots take 40% of the clicks
  • 45% of searchers still can’t tell the difference between an ad or an organic result
  • Your campaigns have to be organized, logical, with great ads, and ongoing, intense maintenance and oversight – things change daily.  If you aren’t in it constantly you will pay the price
  • Focus on
    • Negative keywords – U-haul, aquarium, mobile home, truck rental, moving company employee handbook, you would be surprised
    • Cost per click and other metrics – don’t always want the lowest, just lower
    • Quality score
    • Custom landing pages
      • A/B testing
      • Form fields
      • Mobile
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