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Why SEO website design is so much more than fancy graphics.

Agreed, we all love fancy designs and beautiful images, but for Google it doesn’t really matter. What matters to the Google is the “User Experience.” User experience means, how fast and easy a user, who comes to your website finds what he or she is looking for. The goal is to entice the user, who comes to your website to fill out the form, email or call your company to book a move. If your website sends the user on a scavenger hunt rather than giving them easy access to the information they are looking for, the user will not stay on your site. They will “bounce.” “Bouncing” means that the user leaves the website very quickly and if a lot of users bounce, then Google will notice that your site does not provide a good user experience and that will hurt your rankings.

How can you avoid that and what our professional team at Mover Search Marketing will do for you?

  • We provide all clients with a detailed user experience audit.
  • The results of this audit will be the basis of the design or redesign recommendations we give to our customers
  • The new or redesigned website will be SEO based and ready to give your potential moving customers a pleasant, efficient and trust building experience.
Email or call us today and let us assist you to make your website a great user experience for your potential moving customer! Reach us at 858-356-4700.

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